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KAI Shun Knives & Accessories

Keep your kitchen looking sharp with Shun knives.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that KAI Shun knives are admired and desired all over the world. This beautiful Japanese top-end range is handmade and we have been selling Shun knives for many, many years. We also carry electric Shun sharpeners and whetstones, guards and rolls.

In Japanese, ‘shun’ (pronounced ‘shoon’) refers to food at the peak of its perfection—the sweetest, ripest and freshest—and therefore, a Shun knife is made to perfection as well. Building on the ancient skills of Japan’s sword smiths, and combining this experience with cutting-edge technology, each Shun knife is handcrafted and requires at least 100 steps to complete.

Here at Chef’s Complements, you can buy Shun Japanese knives to suit every chef:

Shun Classic. This entry-level line covers the widest variety of styles and features both traditional European blade shapes and innovative designs. Shun Classic knives have super-sharp blades with excellent edge retention and are easily sharpened. Each blade boasts 69 patterned layers of superior steel to add durability, stain resistance and reduce cutting friction.
Shun Premier. Featuring 69 layers of carbon stainless steel, a Shun Premier knife owes its stunning finish to its Damascus-type pattern which is completed with tiny beads of glass being blasted at the steel. These Shun knives have comfortable PakkaWood handles for right-and left-handed use, and thin, lightweight blades with a hand-hammered finish which promotes easier cutting.
Shun Kanso. Designed according to the Zen philosophy, ‘Kanso’ means ‘simplicity’, which is achieved by eliminating the non-essential. What remains is a razor-sharp, high-performance steel edge, perfect balance and precision cutting, packaged in a rustic heritage finish.

Shun Knifes—Use & Care
Japanese knives are very different from strong German blades. They can be sharper but need to be treated with respect since they are things of beauty and delicate. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your Shun knife.

How to CUT with a Shun knife. Shun knives are designed to use in a ‘locomotive’ motion rather than a forceful ‘chopping’ manner. If you push the knife forward and down while cutting, then pull it up and back towards you, you’ll find this is practically effortless!
FOODS to cut with Shun. Never cut frozen food with a Shun knife as this could damage the delicate blade. Shun knives are designed for cutting meat and veg rather than bones or even very thick-skinned vegetables like pumpkins.
How to WASH a Shun knife. Shun knives should be hand-washed with a gentle dish soap. Don’t use soaps with citrus extracts or bleach as they can promote corrosion. Also stay away from scouring pads or steel. Shun knives shouldn’t be left sitting in soapy water, and always be towelled dry thoroughly after washing to avoid micro-corrosion.
How to SHARPEN a Shun Knife. To make the most of your investment, regularly hone your knife with a Shun steel. Weekly honing extends the time between sharpening, which should be done with a whetstone or the Shun electric sharpener.