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Anuka Hot-Smoker


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Whether you’re a fisherman or a chef, hunter or home executive, the variety and choice of smoked foods are now yours with the arrival of ANUKA – the world’s first electric hot-smoker appliance.
Unlike the more traditional method of preserving by cold smoking, the ANUKA electric hot-smoker fully cooks the food while infusing the flavours and natural juices with a unique smoky character.
Hot smoking is a safe healthy way of providing low fat, low cholesterol food without adding salt, fat or oils.
Fish, seafood, shellfish, meats, sausages, poultry and game as well as vegetables, cheese & nuts, all take on a new culinary dimension with the ANUKA smoker.

Simple operation:
Spread granulated wood chips in the element burner.
Place produce on trivet & position on base. Fit lid. Switch on power & set timer (from 10-60 mins +).
Let stand for 5 minutes – serve & enjoy – SIMPLE!


  • 500 Watt element
  • Electrical operation – no matches – no fire propellants – no fumes
  • Stainless steel element burner
  • Cast aluminium base – non-stick surface – easily cleaned
  • Stainless steel smoking trivets
  • Heavy duty high-temperature food safe coated lid
  • Phenolic handles – totally heat resistant
  • Robust 60-minute mechanical timer
  • Comprehensive instruction recipe book
  • 12-month warranty

The Anuka comes with one bag of wood chips.

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