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Savannah Avo Shark


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Fun and highly functional, the Avo Shark is the ‘go-to’ tool for all avocado lovers.

Safe cutting blade which will easily slice any size of an avocado
The cutting blade of the Avo Shark is specially serrated to cut through the thickest, hardest avocado skin but is not sharp enough to cut the user. The curved shape of the blade has been designed to quickly and neatly cut all the way around an avocado. The blade can then be used to slice the avocado flesh within the shell, or out of the shell and on a board. For safe storage whilst not in use, the Avo Shark has a protective sheath, complete with dorsal fin for easy removal.

Unique pip remover
Unlike the commonly used knife method of removing an avocado pip which can be dangerous, the Avo Shark utilizes a slide mechanism with metal teeth which grip and safely remove the pip from a halved avocado. Any size pip can be tightly gripped and removed using the adjustable slider, even the really stubborn pips. Once removed, the pip can then be released directly into the bin by pulling the slide back.

Super scoop and masher for all types of avocado preparation
The stainless steel scoop of the Avocado Shark is designed to completely remove all the flesh from any size or shape of avocado in one fluid movement. Slots have been incorporated in the scoop for mashing the flesh. The Avo Shark has been designed to be able to prepare avocado in many different ways. Slicing the flesh in the shell or out of the shell on a board, cutting avocado cubes, thin avocado slices, avocado rings, or creating the perfect guacamole.

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