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Esschert Designs Fancy Flames Cow Leather Barbecue Glove


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The extra-long cow leather barbecue glove protects your hand and forearm of temperatures up to 100°C around the fireplace, campfire, oven and barbecue. This glove is flameproof and made from a flame retardant material. This glove is made from industrial grade quality material and it protects you from intense heat exposure up to 100°C.

Use & Care:

  • Let the glove cool down in-between use. Open fire and heat are always dangerous. Always take all possible precaution.
  • The glove does not protect against sharp objects.
  • Warning: This glove must not come in contact with direct fire.
  • Before using, always examine the glove for tears or holes. If damaged, replace.



Depending on the degree of dirt, beat out and brush down. Never wash this glove.


Store in a dry, well-ventilated place at a normal room temperature. Avoid sunlight and exposure to direct heat.


Useful life depends on the degree of wear, the intensity of use for each application and how well cared for the glove is. Therefore, no time can then be specified.

65% Cow split leather, 25% Polyester and 10% cotton.

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