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Global Masuta 5 Piece Knife Block Set



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The Global Masuta Knife Block Set has your essentials covered. You’re assured of having the right knife as hand to fulfil your grandest culinary ambitions. The Global Masuta 5 Piece Knife Block Set comprises of a 10cm Paring straight (GS-6), 14cm Vegetable (GS-5), 20cm Cook’s (G-2), 22cm Ceramic Steel (G-74), and a very schmick Bamboo Cutlery Storage Block.


  • The Global GS-6 10cm Straight Paring Knife is a Santoku-style paring knife that is great for slicing, dicing, peeling and precision cutting.
  • The heel of this small Global GS-5 14cm Vegetable Knife is square-shaped, convenient for removing stalks and eyes from vegetables. Ideal for chopping, slicing & dicing of all veges. Also known as a Nakiri Knife, this Vegetable knife is a popular alternative to a Santoku knife.
  • The Global 20cm G-2 Cook’s Knife is very multi-purpose and the workhorse of the kitchen. Perfect for mincing, cutting, chopping, slicing and prep work. Featured in all of Globals knife block sets.
  • In between stone sharpening’s you can use Global’s 22cm G-74 Ceramic Steel. These sharpeners are used in the same way that traditional steels are used to sharpen other knives and, as they are made from one of the hardest materials known to man, are suitable for sharpening all good quality knives.


Global knives are handcrafted by Japanese craftsmen and made to exacting standards from the finest CROMOVA 18 stainless steel material. These knives are ice tempered and hardened to Rockwell C56˚- 58˚ which holds a razor-sharp edge longer than any other steel and resists rust, stains and corrosion. The Global Classic collection has remained unchanged since 1985 as a true testament to its quality and unique construction. This original collection designed by Komin Yamada promises durability, quality and timeless design that captures the spirit of Global’s philosophy and insistence on excellence.

The G Series is a classic and the most popular collection of large knives, these knives can be used for general preparation and also for the more adventurous chef.

The GS Series is a classic collection of small to medium-sized knives for general preparation. There is a knife literally for any and every purpose. Many of these knives have multiple size options available and fluted varieties.

The GSF Series is made up of smaller forged knives with solid handles. These knives are perfect for peeling, paring and chopping all those smaller food items.


  • CROMOVA 18 steel blade retains its edge longer than any major knife brand.
  • Unique convex edge of the Global blade makes cuts smoother, requiring less energy.
  • Ergonomic, stainless-steel hygienic handles with the signature Global dimple pattern offers a bolster-less, comfortable and slip-resistant grip.
  • Perfectly balanced sand-filled handles precisely calibrated to offset the weight of the blade.
  • Made in Japan


From knife construction and testing to the story of Global, all the way to the comparisons between each series of knives, visit our in-depth Guide to Global to learn everything you need to know before buying!


Find all information on how to clean, wash, store and sharpen your Global knives HERE


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