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Kai Shun Combination Whetstone 1000/6000


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The Shun Combination whetstone offers a medium side (1000 grit) for sharpening and a fine side (6000 grit) for finishing and polishing.  Shun recommends a grinding angle of approximately 15°. This whetstone can be used with any brand of knives but is ideal for Kai Shun Knives.

  • Dimensions L/W/H: 184mm x 62mm x 28mm
  • Comes in a non-slip base which holds it securely while you are using it


Read through our Shun Blog to find out more information about this top-end brand, how to sharpen their knives with a honing steel and whetstone and the differences between their ranges. See all Chef’s Complements Shun Knives here.

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