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KitchenAid KCM0812 Siphon Coffee Brewer


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The new Siphon Coffee Brewer delivers the theatrical beauty and precision of traditional full immersion vacuum brewing, yet is simplified for the home, making a complex and velvety cup of craft coffee.


  • Automated full immersion siphon brewing – Through precise temperature and vacuum technology
  • Magnetic locking seal – Securely holds the brew unit in place until brewing is complete
  • Premium glass construction – With stainless steel accents
  • Reusable filters -Stainless steel and cloth filters allow for different textured coffee and are easy to rinse clean. no disposable filters required
  • Easy to clean – The carafe neck is wider than most manual siphon coffee necks, making cleaning easier
  • Brew unit stand – Securely holds the brew unit in place once brewing is complete
  • Cord wrap – for convenient storage
  • Wattage 1440


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