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Magic Vac Maxima S Vacuum Machine Copper


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The Magic Vac Maxima S is the maximum you can get from a vacuum sealer, suitable for home, professional and hunting/fishing usage. Powered by a double pump with a commercial 18 lt/min capacity, makes for easier air extraction from larger bags and containers.
Full control on pump speed with a specific setting, so easy to manage vacuuming even delicate food.
Specific cycle for marinating food in just 12 minutes, compared to several hours needed in normal conditions.
Professional sealing bar with heat sink and with ˮActiSeal3Dʺ: the machine automatically extends or shortens the sealing time based on sealing bar condition, therefore always ensuring the best and constant seal quality to your bags.
Patented illuminated window allows the user to correctly position the bag on the vacuum chamber.
Triple seal setting granting a perfect sealing even with dry, humid and very humid food.
Easy to clean thanks to the “Patented” removable tray and the roll-holder protection.
Made in Italy – 2-year guarantee.

  • Unique and classy Italian design, fully engineered and produced in Italy
  • Patented multi-layer bags that can be reused after washing and drying either by hand or in the dishwasher
  • Featuring manual cycle function, to prevent fragile food from being squeezed
  • Made in Italy
  • 2-year guarantee

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