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Renshaw EXTRA Ready To Roll Icing Yellow 250g


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If you want the perfect yellow medium for decorating your cake then Renshaw’s EXTRA ready to roll icing is for you.

Made in the UK but perfect for New Zealand’s weather conditions, Renshaw Extra is the latest Ready to Roll Icing from the world’s largest sugarpaste manufacturer. EXTRA Elastic and EXTRA Firm -Renshaw Extra is like no other fondant you have ever used before. It is a totally different formulation to the Renshaw RTR Icing that has been previously distributed in NZ.

Be sure to store the icing in an airtight container between uses to keep it in perfect condition.

  • Colours comply with EU colour legislation
  • Manufactured using only non-hydrogenated fats.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and is also Kosher certified.
  • Does not contain Gluten.
  • Made in the U.K.


Handy Tips:
For easy rolling use a cooking spray. Any brand is suitable as long as it clearly states no added water.
To make quick and easy sugar glue, take a pinch of renshaw ready to roll icing and mix with hot water to make a paste.
Coloured Ready to roll icing can be mixed with white to makes lots of different shades.
e.g. white + pink = pale pink, white + teddy bear brown = skintone, white + jetblack = grey.

Estimated Icing Quantities Guides:
6 inch round cake (15cm) 500g
8 inch round cake (20cm) 750g
10 inch round cake (25cm) 1400g
6 inch square cake (15cm) 550g
8 inch square cake (20cm) 1000g
10 inch square cake (25cm) 1500g

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