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Stasher Snack Storage Bag (2 Colours)


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Fun. Functional. Reusable. Responsible. Stasher’s 100% pure platinum food-grade silicone bags are a healthy alternative to plastic. This Snack storage bag is a real essential. Whether you’re meal prepping and packing your lunch, or just trying to keep healthy food choices at hand.


  • 100% pure platinum silicone
  • Non-toxic
  • Pinch-loc™ seal
  • Dishwasher safe – Place in upper rack for best results or hand wash with soap & warm water. Do not turn inside out as the seal may be compromised.
  • Microwave safe – To do so, place inside the microwave with the Stasher open.
  • Freezer safe – Make meals ahead of time & store in Stashers.
  • Stovetop and sous vide usable – ‘Burp’ first, press the seal firmly closed before placing into the water to heat or cook.
  • Endlessly reusable
  • Write on it!
  • Size: 19 x 11.5 cm


Can the Stasher stain?
As there are no toxic sealants used on Stasher, certain foods can make the silicone stain. In the case that the Stasher has stained, it is easy to clean:

  1. Make a baking soda paste with vinegar or water.
  2. Apply to the discoloured container.
  3. Let sit for at least 20-30 mins.
  4. Rinse and wash the bag like normal.

Can the Stasher absorb smells?
Stasher Silicone is nonporous, inhibiting bacterial growth and odours. Certain smelly foods may leave a slight odour in the bag, but that can be remedied with a thorough washing or baking soda soaking. A fresh slice of lemon left in overnight can help.

What is Silicone?
Silicone is made from sand (silica) and carbon, natural resources that give stasher bags the purity of glass and functionality of plastic. Better yet, stasher products are made of 100% pure platinum grade silicone —a standard even higher than food-grade silicone, passing all U.S. safety requirements and even tougher European standards.
Silicone is safer, more flexible, and more sustainable than plastic. Plastic is a petroleum-based product that introduces toxic chemicals to our food and environmental concerns to our planet. There are no fillers or toxic products in Stasher bags —no BPA, BPS, lead, latex, or phthalates.
Additionally, stasher’s non-porous silicone surface helps inhibit bacterial growth, mould and germs.


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