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Stölzle Lausitz Vulkanos Fire Carafe 750ml


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Fine glasses for moments of joy, that is what Stölzle Lausitz has represented for over 125 years. Are you looking for glasses to give as gifts, to entertain or to quietly enjoy at home? A glass by Stölzle adds a noble touch to water, whiskey and wine. Made of 100% lead-free crystal, Stölzle glassware provides higher clarity and brilliance than glassware that contains lead. The smooth touch and delicate chime of Stölzle crystal glassware shows you’re receiving the very best product and service possible. Certified for over 1000 dishwasher rinse cycles and specially tempered for high resistance to breakage.

The Fire series blends style and substance, offering European lead-free crystal in a stunning presentation. Designed for dedicated connoisseurs seeking a new plateau in crystal aesthetics, the small decanter/carafe offers a sheer rim and innovative shape, allowing wines to balance their aromas and mellow their tannins. Decanters are service vessels that offer more than just style. Decanting allows wines to properly aerate, balancing their aromas and mellowing their tannins. Sediment is left behind, allowing for a crystal-clear pour. A deft blend of style and function, these decanters will add beauty to the table while bringing out the best in your red wines.

  • Made in Weißwasser, Germany
  • Capacity: 75cl/26.5oz
  • Height: 265mm
  • Ø: 196mm


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