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Work Sharp Culinary E5 Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener


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Let’s be honest – kitchen knives get dull, and they need sharpening. That’s where Work Sharp comes in. With a passion to innovate and elevate the home chef experience, Work Sharp Culinary delivers knife sharpening systems that are easy, fast, and gentle on all knives. Work Sharp Culinary uses the same sharpening technology as knife makers in a convenient counter-top design. Their proven sharpening technology makes sharpening fast and rewarding. So much so that sharpening becomes fun – seriously, it’s addictive. Your knives will cut like new every time you use them.

The E5 Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener quickly and easily sharpens all your kitchen knives with the touch of a button. Based on traditional belt sharpening practices, the E5 creates a sharp-as-new edge the same way manufacturers sharpen knives at the factory. The E5 knife sharpener is clean, and gentle on knives. The included ceramic honing rod with MicroForge™ uses sharpening guides for consistent edge refinement.

Automated Sharpening: Simply select the sharpening mode and the E5 automatically adjusts speeds and run time to match the degree of sharpening desired.

Sharpening Guides: Eliminate guesswork and uneven sharpening. Create a 17° edge – balancing precise cutting ability with strength and durability.

Sharpening Belts: Professional grade sharpening belts are engineered to protect the value of your knives, extend their life, and maintain sharp-as-new cutting performance.

Ceramic Honing Rod: Honing preserves the cutting effectiveness of your knives, and extends intervals between sharpening. The built-in angle guides make it easy to use. With just a few strokes along the honing rod, your knives will be ready to go.

MICROFORGE™: Improve durability and increase cutting control with the optional microforge feature. Great for veggies, proteins, and bread.

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