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Preserving & Fermenting Accessories

Whether you are making sauerkraut, need a cheese cloth or weck jars for jam making – our preserving section has everything you need.

It’s the latest but age-old kitchen trend: your friends are making sauerkraut; bookstores sell huge amounts of books on preserving and jam making; TV chefs talk about fermenting; and you find yourself looking for weck jars, fermenting crocks and cheese cloth.

This is where Chef’s Complements can help. We have a wide selection of fermenting and preserving equipment. Whether you are making sauerkraut, kimchi or other fermented vegetables or whether you want to make your own preserves, jams and cheeses – we have everything you need, from fermenting tools and preserving jars through to starter cultures.

A favourite among foodies is our Pickle Pipe, the world’s first one-piece self-sealing, waterless airlock made of silicone. This great tool allows you to set and forget your ferments without daily maintenance of other airlock solutions. Another popular must-have is a peach stoner.

Consuming probiotics and fermented foods has a myriad of health benefits. One of the most important being a healthier gut. Nutrients, vitamins and minerals are absorbed better, which in turn means a happier tummy and happier body overall. If you’re not a fan of making sauerkraut, there are many other ways to get those good probiotics from you diet, for example by making your own delicious fermented drinks such as kefir or kumbucha.

Get your preserving and fermenting equipment at Chef’s Complements and see what difference the change of diet will make in your life!

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