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“Having discarded the blueprints of our predecessors and abandoned standard practices we achieve truly original solutions to life’s everyday challenges.  Fusing innovative connections between various worlds of design, our logical yet unconventional approach yields distilled simplification of the common tools we use. Simplicity at its purest form is an art, and achieving it is our core principle.  We conceive with intent, design with style, and prioritize experimentation.

We design to make your everyday experiences a whole lot cooler.

Proud winner of the prestigious 2014 Red Dot Award” – Fusionbrands

Fusionbrands produce innovative and modern solutions for products used all throughout the kitchen. From egg tools to food storage to strawberry hullers, Fusionbrands have trusted, high-quality products to meet your needs.


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Fusionbrands Clear Silicone Pop Measure sh/51125

Fusionbrands Clear Silicone Pop Measure


Fusionbrands Clear Silicone Pop Measure is a 2-n-1 pop up flexible measure which has a 1/4 - 60ml measure and a 2 tbsp - 30ml measure.


Fusionbrands CoverBlubber® Medium Green sh/51102

Fusionbrands CoverBlubber® Medium Green


The super stretchy food saver for use in the refrigerator & anywhere where you need to cover food.


Fusionbrands CoverBlubber® Set of 4 Sizes


The super stretchy food saver for use in the refrigerator & anywhere where you need to cover food.


Fusionbrands EggXact Adjustable Silicone Food Ring sh/51142

Fusionbrands EggXact Adjustable Silicone Food Ring


Perfectly size your eggs, pancakes and food stacks.


Fusionbrands Foodloop Mini and Lace Set sh/51136

Fusionbrands Foodloop Mini and Lace Set


The FoodLoop Mini and Lace go hand-in-hand and are designed to replace kitchen string, toothpicks and poultry needles in the prepping and cooking process.


Fusionbrands FoodPod sh/51140

Fusionbrands FoodPod


The FoodPod is an innovative cooking tool designed to save time when boiling, blanching or steaming by conveniently containing, removing and draining foods.


Grill comb set of 2

Fusionbrands Grill Comb Set of 2


Simply a better skewer.


Fusionbrands Poach Pod Yolk Set of 2 sh/51112

Fusionbrands Poach Pod Yolk Set of 2


Yolk Poach Pod by Fusionbrands, a floating silicone egg poaching tool that makes poaching eggs easy.


Fusionbrands PushBerry sh/51143

Fusionbrands PushBerry


The PushBerry is the first one-piece hand-held strawberry tool that cores and slices whole fresh strawberries all in a single easy one-step motion.


Fusionbrands Shred Machine sh/51141

Fusionbrands Shred Machine


Fusionbrands ShredMachine allows you to easily shred cooked chicken, beef, pork, fish, eggs, lettuce and more, fast and easy with a few twists of the handle


Fusionbrands Thumb Scraper sh/51162

Fusionbrands Thumb Scraper


The Fusionbrands Thumb Scraper is a handy little scraper.