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There is one in every kitchen.

Chances are, if you open your kitchen drawers you’ll find a little Victorinox knife somewhere. Most likely, it’s one of your favourites too. And that’s for a good reason: Victorinox knives are probably the most well-known knife brand worldwide.

Made in Ibach-Schwyz and Delemont in Switzerland, their range of household and professional kitchen tools (not to forget their famous Swiss Army Knives) all started over 135 years ago, in 1884. Here at Chef’s Complements, we stock a wide range of Victorinox knives, including the following:

Standard Victorinox

This range includes the indispensable little paring, tomato and steak knives with black, blue or red handles.

Swiss Classic Victorinox

Paring, tomato and steak knives with ergonomically shaped handles in the classic colours and also in bright pink, orange, yellow and green.


This is Victorinoxes range for professionals. The Fibrox series prides itself on its exceptionally long life service, ergonomic shape and highest quality. Non-slip and safe, Fibrox knives are easy to sharpen and can be heated from 80 to 110 °C for sterilising. The range includes slicing, boning, butcher’s and chef’s knifes. We also stock specialty Fibrox knives such as cheese knives. This professional series is available in the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) colour coding system for maximum food processing safety. Red – meat, blue – seafood, black – universal, green – fruit and veg, white – bakery and cheese, yellow – poultry.


Health & Safety is a top priority for Victorinox. The bright yellow handles of the Swibo range ensure your knives are easy to spot, even in a busy working environment. The handle, which extends further toward the blade provides extra safety.


Victorinox Rosewood Knifes first and foremost catch your eye thanks to their elegant rosewood handles. This highly robust material gives the range a natural, stylish edge. Hand-polished, the smooth surface is comfortable to hold and use.

Grand Maître Knives

Both home cooks and long-standing professionals highly value the balance of a Grand Maitre Victorinox knife. Forged from a single piece, this range benefits from a seamless transition from blade to handle.

Whether you’re after a set of steak knives, or want to stock up your professional tools of the trade, Chef’s Complements is your first port of call to buy Victorinox knives at great prices. Of course, we also stock knife rolls, carving forks, and a variety of peelers alongside other useful utensils ranging from melon ballers, apple corers and scissors to lemon zesters and can openers.

Our range also covers sharpening and safety, with cut-resistant gloves, sharpening steels and knife sharpeners all available at sharp (pardon the pun!) prices.

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