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Using Bialetti Coffee Makers

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Bialetti aluminium and stainless steel stovetop coffee makers work on a pressure-based system.

  1. Before using the coffeemaker for the first time, unscrew the top from the base.
  2. Remove the filter funnel (2) from the base. Then remove the filter plate (3) and the ring (4).
  3. Wash all parts in warm water and correctly reassemble the top section.
  4. Fill the base (1) with water to just below the level of the safety valve.  Be careful not to overfill as the air in the space between the water and the coffee filter is what heats and forces the water up through the coffee. If the water tank is overfilled the result is boiled coffee, with a bitter or burnt taste.
  5. Insert the funnel.
  6. Loosely fill the funnel with your favourite espresso ground coffee, do not tamp coffee down. Remove any coffee grounds on the edge of the funnel.
  7. Screw the top section firmly to the base. Avoid using the handle for leverage.
  8. Place the coffeemaker on a low to medium heat. When using on gas adjust the flame so that it does not extend up the side of the pot.
  9. It takes only 3 – 6 minutes, depending on the size of the coffeemaker and the intensity of heat, until it’s ready to serve.
  10. Remove immediately from the heat once the coffee pot is full.  Do not allow to boil and do not put on full heat as this may cause the coffee to have a burnt taste.
  11. All Bialetti stovetop espresso makers are suitable for use on gas, electric and ceramic hobs.  Stainless steel models are also additionally suitable for induction.


Tips & Care

Before Use

  • Before using the coffee maker for the first time, it’s a good idea to wash all the parts in warm water first.
  • We recommended that you throw away the first 2-3 brews.
  • It’s really important that you don’t use the handle while unscrewing as this can cause the handle to break.



  • When cool separate the top section from the base, wash in warm water and dry thoroughly.
  • It’s best not to use detergent when washing the aluminium models as it can taint the aluminium and therefore the coffee. However, a mild detergent can be used to clean the stainless steel models if you prefer, and a liquid chrome polish can be used to keep the stainless steel looking new.
  • Do not use steel wools or abrasive products as these will discolour or damage the surface of the pot and its parts.
  • Periodically clean the inner sides of the column in the top part of the pot (5) ensuring no build-up of coffee residues.
  • Do not reassemble until all parts are completely dry to avoid oxidation
  • Bialetti stovetop espresso makers must not be put in the dishwasher.



  • After use, your Bialetti will be hot, naturally causing the metal to expand and difficult to unscrew the base (1) from the top (5).  If you wish to re-use immediately to make another brew, a tip is to run the entire pot under cold water first to cool and make unscrewing easier.
  • Check the funnel, filter plate, and ring for wear and tear or damage and replace as required.
  • From time to time discolouration or a white deposit may form inside the base. This is generally due to the pot not being properly dried prior to storage, causing the aluminium to naturally oxidise. Scrub with your dish brush in a mixture of warm water and white vinegar to help remove stains.  Remember to dry thoroughly.
  • It’s best to store all parts separately to allow air to circulate.
  • Never place the coffeemaker on a heat source without water.
  • Use espresso grind of your favourite coffee blend. Do not use extracts, infusions or instant coffee as they may block the filter plate.
  • Your Bialetti pot is designed to be used with full measures of water and coffee, and will not work properly, for instance, if you only half fill the pot with water and coffee.  Moka aficionados usually have 3-4 sizes in their kitchen.


Spare Parts

A full range of spare parts are available including:

  • Rings
  • Funnels
  • Filter plates
  • Knobs
  • Handles


Product Warranty

  • All Bialetti products carry a two-year manufacturing warranty.  This explicitly excludes replacement of parts subject to normal wear and tear.