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7 Good Reasons to Make Jam at Home

7 Good Reasons to Make Jam at Home main image

  • Written by:
    Bormioli Rocco


At breakfast or at snack are our most trusted allies. Tasty on biscuits, delicious on toast, inevitable in our pies. The most daring people can also combine them with fresh or aged cheeses, or with cured meats or red meats. Marmalades, jams, compotes, one more good than the other especially if done at home with their own hands. Of fruit or vegetables, whatever your tastes, the Quattro Stagioni jars are the indispensable allies to perfectly preserve all the flavour of seasonal fruits. Here are 7 good reasons to make jam at home.

1) You will savour an authentic and genuine taste

A homemade jam with seasonal fruit or vegetables has a decidedly different flavour: more authentic & genuine. The advice we give you is to always follow seasonality because every season has its own delicacies and if caught in the right period will really allow you to capture all the essence to keep it in a jar. Also, there could be no healthier alternative, because in addition to being free of artificial preservatives you will know exactly which ingredients have been used: you made it!

2) You can enjoy your favourite fruit and vegetables all year round

Who does not want to taste strawberries in May or peaches in September? Seize the fruits during the season to enclose the flavour in the Quattro Stagioni jars is what allows you to take it with you all year.

3) You can let your creativity go

Making jams or marmalades in your kitchen also has a creative side. You can let yourself be carried away by the imagination, experiment and create the most diverse mixes, those that you certainly would not find at the supermarket. Some ideas? The pear and almond jam with a pinch of cinnamon is a real treat for the palate, the jam of white peaches and saffron, with its sweet and sour taste, is unforgettable. Inspiration can come from anywhere, for example from India as in the recipe of pumpkin and ginger chutney, or from a gluttonous student, as for the jam of night owls, for who loves coffee and would like to spread it also on biscuits. Innovative recipes that are traditional at the same time, from the ancient methods of our grandmothers not to throw away anything, especially in summer when fruits and vegetables are abundant.

4) Doing it will give you great satisfaction

As the first homemade pizza or eggplant parmigiana, even making jam may seem like a trip at times mystical, but that will give you great satisfaction. It requires care, dedication, preparation, but the effort will be amply repaid when you check the success of the vacuum and you can put them in the pantry. But not only, at breakfast, snack or in combination with meats, meats or cheeses will be your trump card.

5)It’s fun!

Making jam is a super fun activity. You can create an extremely pleasant moment of sharing by involving friends and relatives or dedicate this moment only to yourself, relaxing in your kitchen and maybe designing new irresistible recipes.

6) It takes less time than you think

It is a common belief that making jams takes a long time, some tell of whole days behind the flames. Well, let’s debunk this myth because it’s not entirely true. There are many ways to make jams or juices in a short time such as reducing the amount (it is not always necessary to cook for an army), or use thickeners like pectin or natural as a grated apple.

7) They are always very appreciated gift ideas

There is no more authentic and sincere gift idea than one made at home with their own hands. Better yet if you can taste it! Making jam at home is an exciting experience that will accompany you for the rest of the year (even if the jam will end well before!).

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