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Le Creuset Farm Fresh


Would you like to live more consciously? It starts with the ingredients we buy and cook with. Cooking with seasonal and local produce is a great way to support our communities — and it’s better for our planet, too.

Le Creuset is going back to the sources and encouraging food lovers everywhere to experience the joy of cooking with organic, fresh ingredients. Discover Le Creuset’s new Farm Fresh edit inspired by nature’s goodness.

Harvest Seasonally, Enjoy Anytime

Preserving vegetables is one of the best ways to make use of an abundance of fresh produce—whether you have grown your own or simply shown some support for your local farmer’s market. By preserving foods at home, you can reap the rewards of nature’s bounty in the months ahead by methods such as pickling, fermenting, or drying.

How to Create a More Sustainable Kitchen

Our new Farm Fresh edit aims to show how you can cut down on the environmental impact of your kitchen. Investing in durable cookware that is made to last is one such way, along with supporting your local growers and being more sustainable in your food choices. Find out how we can all make our world a little better with every bite.

Volcanic – squash from the farmer’s market

Cerise – red peppers growing in the backyard

Meringue – mushrooms foraged in local forests

Satin Black – a wild-caught fish from the lake

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