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WÜSTHOF – The Chef’s Knife – The All-Rounder

WÜSTHOF – The Chef’s Knife – The All-Rounder main image

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The all-rounder in the kitchen: the most important piece of basic equipment for every hobby and professional chef, the Cook’s Knife is suitable for most tasks in the kitchen, for the widest variety of cutting and gripping techniques, it makes food prep a pleasure.

The cutting edge or also grind

Manufactured using the special sharpening process PEtec, it allows for long-lasting clean and precise cutting. The light curve is suitable for mincing herbs. One cuts soft vegetables with the front part and hard foods are cut with the rear cutting part.

The tip and the front part of the cutting edge

When it comes to the finishing touches in preparation, the knife tip is your choice. Cut and chop onions, mushrooms, garlic or other small vegetables.

The end of the blade or bit

This area of the cooking knife can be used for food that is difficult to cut. Because the transfer of weight is greatest here, reducing your effort. With a full-bolster knife, the bit also protects the fingers while working.

Blade spine

Ground absolutely smooth, or “burred” in technical terms, a significant sign of quality. It is broader than the cutting edge and is suitable for cracking shellfish or nuts.

Blade surface

The blade is forged from one piece of stainless steel and hardened to 58° Rockwell. This makes our knives extremely sharp, robust, long-lasting and easily resharpened. The Blade is well suited for shape and flatten foods as well as for pick up and transport what you have cut.

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