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Blowtorch Cooks


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Blowtorches are an essential item for caramelising sugars on desserts such as: creme brulee, meringue pies and also very useful for browning meats and charing vegetables like capsicum. The Hotery cooks blowtorch is a compact butane torch, with an easy ignition mechanism and adjustable flame. The hotery blowtorch flame is adjustable and can be used at any angle without flaring or spluttering.
Please note: The Hotery cooks blowtorch does not come filled with butane gas. We do not ship butane fuel, but it can be purchasesd at Chefs’ Complements store. This is also readily available from supermarkets and hardware stores.


  • ISO Registration
  • The only torch to meet British standards
  • Food Safe
  • Constant Flame with no “pitting”
  • Low flame achievable without going out
  • Fully Tuff tested
  • Can be used at any angle
  • Flame extinguishes when gas is switched off
  • Self igniting piezo ignition

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