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Price Match Policy

When and where possible, we aim to offer price matching if you find a cheaper price for the same item sold elsewhere.

As always, there are terms and conditions that must be met in order for us to price match, but we believe in full transparency for you, the customer, so we’ll break down why we actually have each of our terms and conditions in place for your understanding.

If you happen to find a cheaper price listed elsewhere, please contact us and we will let you know as soon as we can if we are able to match it.

(Sentences in bold are the terms & conditions that must be met, an explanation for each condition is below)

It must be the exact identical item

While it may seem there’s no major difference between a red or blue mixing bowl there quite often is. Sometimes a specific colour, size, pattern or design is put on clearance from the wholesaler/supplier so they offer a cheaper price to purchase. This means retailers can offer a cheaper price or a sale price for a specific product so we are unable to match it for a different colour, pattern etc.

We cannot match our supplier’s prices

Some of our wholesalers also sell directly to the customer. This means they are able to offer a retail price less than what we can offer as they have a much larger margin. They also can be clearing out certain lines themselves online to make way for new ranges so they make sacrifices on the price that they may not pass a discount on to us.

The item must be in-stock for the comparing retailer

We quite often get asked if we can price match on another retailer who currently doesn’t have stock of a certain item. Often retailers keep items online that they haven’t sold in a while or haven’t had access to purchase for a long time. This means the retail price can be outdated and when or if the product does arrive back into them, they may need to increase their price. We endeavour to keep in stock almost all our items so we can ship them out to you as soon as possible and have an up-to-date price.

The comparing retailer cannot be an online-only store

Online-only retailers could list a million and one items online for sale and only order them in when a customer is enquiring. This means they don’t have to carry the stock on hand in which we do. They don’t have a store full of items ready to send, so they have lower operating costs and may be able to offer lower retail prices. We try to carry all of our items so we can dispatch your order as soon as possible. Online-only stores that do not carry the stock on hand need to order from the supplier after your order is placed and wait for the stock to arrive before dispatching it to you.

The comparing retailer must be New Zealand based

We love living in New Zealand! Our biased opinion is it’s the best country in the world. Unfortunately, being located right at the bottom of the world away from many of our European and American suppliers means shipping costs of some products that arrive into us can be quite pricey! This is why we can only match other New Zealand stores that carry the same product.

The comparing retailer cannot be a discounter/liquidator or of similar nature

For the same reason that we cannot offer price matching of similar colours, discounters purchase items on clearance at a lower price so they can offer a retail price cheaper than other stores. Often, large discount chains buy in bulk a clearance item leaving no stock left for other stores. If there is stock left from our supplier on special, we can attempt to price match, but if there is no stock left for us to purchase on clearance we sadly can’t match this.

Price must be in New Zealand Dollars

If another store is selling in a separate currency, they most likely are based overseas so we are unable to match their price. If for some reason they are based in New Zealand and are selling in a separate currency (a bit of a red flag), we cannot offer price matching due to changing exchange rates. Stores selling with reward schemes or using their own store currency we also cannot match.

The price is based on the total price to arrive to you

The price that we attempt to match is the total cost in which the product arrives to you (product cost + freight + any other hidden costs). We cannot price match just the item as we offer free shipping rates and other stores may not. For example, if a store sells an item for $200 and has a shipping fee of $30 but we sell it for $210 with free shipping, we cannot match the $200 product cost as our overall cost is actually cheaper.

The product must be readily available from Chef’s Complements & our supplier

If we have limited stock of a specific item and our supplier is low in stock or out of stock we may not be able to price match. There are a few reasons why.

  1.  If you are purchasing a bulk quantity of a singular item and we don’t have enough at present in stock we will need to order more to meet your quantity. When we order more, our purchase costs may increase meaning we cannot offer the same retail price as other stores as that may not have that quantity also and have purchased their stock at the old pricing.
  2. We also cannot offer price matching on an item that our supplier is out of stock for this same reason as we cannot replace the item once it is sold and it may be more expensive when it next arrives.
  3. If we need to order an item in to meet your quoted quantity, we may need to meet a minimum order requirement from our supplier. If we do not need to order from this supplier, we are unable to meet this minimum we are unable to match at this time. We can notify you when we next plan to order from the supplier if you are still interested.

Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers or coupons

If we are able to price match for you, this matched price cannot then be used in conjunction with any other offers, coupons or discount codes to get an even lower price

These terms & conditions are subject to change at any time without notice or publishing. We have the right to approve or deny any price match given these terms & conditions and any other reasons that may not be listed above that may be out of our control.

Once again, if you have any questions or would like to ask us about a price match, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.