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Coffee Makers & Grinders

A cup of brown is quite often part of a sacred morning routine in many households. Good coffee is essential for kickstarting the day and the vessel it’s made in is just as important.

To start off with, freshly grinding the beans right before they come in contact with hot water makes the difference in taste that real coffee connoisseurs appreciate. Grinders are small enough to stay put on the counter next to your coffee machine and definitely a vital component in your coffee making.

The Saeco Coffee Machines are true time & money savers with no compromise on taste. We even have one in the kitchen at work to use! With simple one-touch controls, adjustable strengths & settings and a sleek, modern design, the Saeco Royal & Saeco Lirika are trustworthy machines you’d love introducing to your morning.

We also have an extensive range of manual coffee makers, presses & plungers that may suit your preference and offer a more wallet-friendly alternative.

Coffee Accessories are also an important final touch to think of when you’re about to take the first sip. Do you need milk frothers to create a to-die-for foam? We recommend an Aerolatte frother for a quick and compact option or the Bialetti milk frothers for a stovetop option. There are also a variety of shakers for cinnamon or chocolate toppings as well as stencils to create fun designs. Milk pitchers and jugs, tampers & coffee scoops are also in abundance in our Coffee Accessories category.

Finally, cleaning and storage. To clean your coffee machine, we have cleaning tablets as well as a cleaner and a descaler from Bar Keeper’s Friend. Knock bins & coffee bean containers can also be found in our Coffee Accessories category.

Commercial Options

Birko have a range of commercial urns as well as a coffee percolator that is suitable for all hospitality environments. From 5L up to 30L options

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