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Our Latest Knives

THE BEST Knife Guide Online 2024 – Cut like a pro

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Learn how to buy the best knife on the market, what each type of knife is used for and how...

Miyabi Japanese Knives – The Beauty of Sharpness


Grace, elegance, purity and sophistication feature highly in Japanese culture. They are also synonymous with the Miyabi brand by Zwilling...

WÜSTHOF Performer – Meet the chefs who helped design these knives


Four top chefs helped our design team perfect Performer knives. The expert critique of Renato Manzi, Anika Schmidt, Alexander Scharmberg...

WÜSTHOF – The Chef’s Knife – The All-Rounder


The all-rounder in the kitchen: the most important piece of basic equipment for every hobby and professional chef, the Cook’s...

WÜSTHOF – Finding the Perfect Knife

Guides Knives

Keep your eyes open When buying your first knife, most people are amazed at the number of different options. Different...

WÜSTHOF – The Company & its History


Many people are surprised to discover that, after over 200 years, our company remains in family hands. Equally unusual is...

WÜSTHOF Production – The birth of a WÜSTHOF knife


Made in Solingen. And only in Solingen Unlike many other manufacturers, in over 200 years of history, we have not...

Discover the faces of WÜSTHOF


For 200 years WÜSTHOF has created the world’s best knives, the standout tools spotted in the hands of top chefs...

Guide to Global

Guides Knives

Proudly made by Japanese Craftsman since 1985 Chopping, paring, slicing, dicing—when it comes to prep work in the kitchen, Global knives are...

Global Care Guide


Global Knives are factory sharpened at an angle between 10 and 15 degrees. Sharpening at this angle results in a...

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