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Kitchen Knives for Sale

Buy every kitchen knife imaginable, from cook's knives through to mandolin and mezzaluna.

Chef’s Complements’ kitchen knife department is a cut above the rest. At our shop you get the best brands and selection of kitchen knives, whether you’re a food blogger, family cook or whether you own a commercial kitchen.

We stock every knife imaginable for chopping, dicing, carving, filleting and boning. Buy mezzalunas, browse our manolins for sale, get a special on top-quality kitchen knives.

Of course we also carry an extensive range of accessories: We have knife guards and rolls, storage blocks, magnetic wall racks, kitchen scissors and knife sharpeners for sale.

We are proud to supply brands such as Arcos, WÜSTHOF-TRIDENT, Victorinox, Global, Opinel, Scanpan, Zwilling Henckels, Messermeister, Mundial, Victory, Yaxell and Kai Shun. With Chef’s Complements it’s easy to sharpen up your kitchen.

Tip: Knife Safety in Your Kitchen

Whether you are cooking with mandolins, mezzalunas or paring knives – your appendages are important … follow our simple knife safety instructions to keep them all intact!

  • Always cut in a direction away from your body
  • Store knives in a safe manner not jumbled in a drawer – refer to our knife storage section for all the right accessories
  • Choose the correct kitchen knife for the task in hand
  • Don’t hold food in your hand, always use a cutting board 
  • Ensure your cutting surface is stable & non-slip
  • Never leave a knife soaking in the kitchen sink
  • Keep your knife sharpened with a good knife sharpener – a blunt knife requires more force
  • Always pay attention to what you are doing
  • Keep your kitchen knife handle dry and clean
  • If you drop you knife stand back – don’t attempt to catch it!
  • Only use a knife for its purpose, it is not a bottle opener!