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Le Creuset Rhône


A sumptuous plum-red inspired by the lush wine-making region of the Côtes du Rhône in France. The ultimate culinary companion,...

Le Creuset Flint


Introducing Flint Inspired by iron skies and glistening mineral stones. Raw, yet refined, Flint is a neutral distinction that strikes...

Le Creuset Azure Blue


Discover Azure A modern, mesmerising and more vibrant blue with longevity Azure is inspired by the azure-coloured seas of the...

Le Creuset Cayenne


Introducing the NEW fiery red of Le Creuset Cayenne Reignite your passion for cooking with this exotically vibrant and warmly...

Le Creuset Riviera Collection


Bring the joie de vivre of southern France to your kitchen Life in the French Riviera is warm, effortless, and...

Le Creuset Bamboo


INTRODUCING BAMBOO BY LE CREUSET The latest Le Creuset colourway is a vibrant and enduring evergreen. Like the tropical grass...

Frying Pans, Skillets and Sauté Pans Guide

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Frying pan, skillet or saute pan, do you know which to choose? Having the right pan for the job can...

Le Creuset Guide

Cookware Guides

In 1925 the first Le Creuset casserole was cast from the raw materials of coke, iron and sand at their...

Best Eco-Friendly Cookware Ranges

Cookware Guides

Nowadays it is hard to purchase anything without taking into consideration its environmental impact. Choosing organic food and biodegradable detergents...

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