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Food on the Go

Pack your chilly bin.

Whether you’re planning an outdoor wedding, birthday BBQ or a simple family picnic – you’ll be looking for outdoor and food-on-the-go storage solutions. Chef’s Complements have put together a selection of essentials: buy lunchboxes and plastic partyware, thermos and drink bottles, barbeque accessories and, of course, the trusted chilly bin. Sale items are always up for grabs too.

Transport perishables with coolers and chilly bins in all sizes, entertain outdoors and add the finishing touches with items such as tablecloth weights or pretty food covers.

We are proud to supply brands such as JAB, Rubbermaid, Avanti and Bodum at great prices.

Tips for Safe Barbequing & Picnics

  • Use separate plates and BBQ accessories for raw and cooked foods to avoid transfer of pathogens
  • Always clean your cooking tools with soap and water before firing up your outdoor BBQ
  • Turn food regularly so it cooks evenly
  • Use a covered container to marinate meat in the fridge and cook the marinade before pouring over cooked foods
  • Keep foods covered and cool until ready to cook/eat
  • Use a meat thermometer to check foods are cooked all the way through
  • Don’t put/prepare raw meat on the grill next to (partially) cooked or ready-to-eat foods
  • Before barbequing chicken, minced meat and sausages, precook them
  • Never leave food at room temperature for over 2 hours
  • Use icepacks and chilly bins to keep food cool