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Woks & Stir Fry Pans

Having a good wok or stir-frying pan is essential for households that enjoy their stir-frys. Featuring large sloping sides that control splatters, woks and stir-frying pans make stirring or tossing of ingredients easy and use less oil in cooking than traditional fry pans.

Synonymous with Asian cooking, woks actually have a few more uses than just stir fry noodles or rice dishes. Give your wok a try for deep-frying, steaming, making soup, fajitas mix, a mussel pot as well as popping popcorn!

Traditionally, woks are made of carbon steel however nowadays, woks come in different styles and materials. Furthermore, with increasing technological advancements, non-stick stir fry pans are increasing in popularity. 

Another popular option is cast iron woks such as Lodge Cast Iron’s Wok or enamelled versions like the Chasseur, Le Creuset & Staub woks. There are also stainless steel woks available like this Scanpan model.

The traditional long-handled wok can also feature a helper handle, as well as those with one small ‘helper’ handle on opposite sides. The long-handled variation is used prominently in dishes and cuisines were tossing the food by flicking the pan is needed to stir the food.

If you need assistance choosing a wok for your kitchen; home or commercial, please let us know and we can help you with your decision!