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Pots & Saucepans

A kitchen can never have too many pots!

The kids’ porridge for breakfast, soup for lunch, a side of steamed veges for dinner – any kitchen needs a good cooking pot/saucepan range! Standard pots come in 4 sizes: 14 cm, 16 cm, 18 cm and 20 cm.

Whether you need a small cooking pot for gravy, a 14 cm milk pan with a pouring spout or a large, heavy-based saucepan for a family dinner – here at Chef’s Complements you’ll find the lot. It’s generally more economical to purchase your cooking pots in a set, but if you just want to stock up your current kitchen with one or two items, you can also find great deals on single saucepans.

Most cooking pots are made of stainless steel which is a poor conductor of heat. Therefore, the experts swear by stainless steel pots with a generous copper-bonded  base or a range featuring  “Tri-Ply” construction. Copper pots are the top choice of discerning chefs.

Whenever you buy a pot, consider getting a steamer with it. Steaming vegetables is the healthiest way of cooking, preserving  the most nutrients.

Introducing the bestsellers of Chef’s Complements saucepan range

  • Our elegant Essteele stainless pots are made in Italy with their dripless pouring rim.
  • Coppernox saucepans from Scanpan have clever stay-cool silicone inserts on the handles.
  • The gleaming Signature range from Le Creuset is top-of-the-range cookware, made of premium grade stainless steel with a triple layer construction, ensuring even heat conduction and distribution.
  • For easy-clean options, non-stick saucepans from Scanpan are highly popular.

Storing Pots & Pans

Say goodbye to awkward saucepan piles or rummaging through cupboards and drawers to find the right pot! Chef’s Complements has a big selection of hanging racks available which give your kitchen a cosy country feel or sleek commercial look. Of course we also take care of your lids with a pot lid tidy.

Note: If you don’t want to hang your pots and pans and own non-stick cookware, be sure to protect the non-stick coating with felt pot and pan protectors between your saucepans!