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Who knew there could be so many types of tongs right!

Apart from the different materials available, steel, silicone, nylon, wood & bamboo, there are also many different styles of kitchen tongs. There are standard kitchen tongs that are great for all cooking & serving purposes, mini tongs, BBQ tongs, spatula tongs & scissor tongs to name a few.

Apart from the more common styles of tongs, we have a VERY broad range of specialty tongs. These include your breakfast tongs (toast tongs and teabag squeezers) tongs for pastries & cakes, salad tongs, vegetable tongs, spaghetti tongs, deep frying tongs, preserving bottle tongs, ice tongs & condiment tongs. There are also commercial options available such as the colour coded tongs, plating tongs for chefs and burger bagger tongs for fast food establishments.