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Invest in your health and taste buds with a quality smoothie blender or Vitamix.

More and more cookbooks include a smoothie recipe section and juice bars are springing up all over the country. If you want to hop on to the health bandwagon, you’re spot-on at Chef’s Complements. We have a huge range of quality blenders for sale, ranging from stylish beginners’ smoothie blenders and stick blenders through to the high-end Vitamix.

With so many benefits it’s easy to see why the trusted food blender is fast becoming a kitchen essential in every home. Businessmen make a quick smoothie for breakfast on the go, mums whizz up baby food, foodies create salad dressing bursting with flavour, and gym bunnies mix their own protein shakes. Smoothie blenders make quick, easy, healthy and delicious drinks for anyone from kids through to the trendy grandmother!

Some of Chef’s Complements’ most popular food blenders are from the KitchenAid range because you can easily complement other appliances you might already have from this brand.

Healthy Tip
If you buy a blender for health benefits, leave it out on the bench as a reminder to use it daily! Vicki from Chef’s Complements says: “Mine glares at me if I don’t use it!

What’s the difference between a blender and a juicer?

Juicers extract juice from fresh produce and you get a thin, clear drink packed full of nutrients. The dryness of the waste pulp/fibre indicates how good the juicer is. A blender, on the other hand, blitzes the fruit and veg together, forming a thicker, fibre-rich mixture with no waste pulp.

Considerations & Tips for Buying a Blender


What are you buying your blender for? Do you simply need a smoothie blender or baby food blender, or do you want a versatile machine that can make hot soups, grind grains for making flour, or make nut butter? Would you like a crush ice function or be able to set a programme and walk away?

The Jug. Consider the following points:

  • Is it BPA free?
  • Can it take hot liquids?
  • Is it easy to clean and dishwasher safe?
  • Are replacement/spare jugs readily available if needed?
  • Can you purchase additional jugs for dry jobs such as grinding nuts?

The Motor. Consider the following points:

  • Does it have an automatic shut-off if overloaded to prevent damage?
  • What is the guarantee? Don’t settle for food blenders that offer only a one-year guarantee!
  • Does it feature variable speeds for better control?


Think about whether you want your blender/Vitamix to sit on the kitchen bench or in a cupboard, then check how tall it is.


Would you like your smoothie blender to match existing countertop appliances and is a colour range important to you?


In our opinion, a blender gets brownie points if the brand has useful How-To tips etc. available to watch on YouTube, if it has a recipe book or website with recipes.

Reminder: With all electrical appliances the guarantee is only valid in the country it is purchased from. A brand purchased from overseas will not be supported in New Zealand. Any issues/problems that may arise have to be dealt within the country and with whom it has been purchased from!

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