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KitchenAid Matte Black


Black has been a long-time favourite of any design atelier because it is both modest and arrogant. Furthermore, choosing a...

KitchenAid Dried Rose


A sweet, dusty matte pink offered by KitchenAid, this soft and pretty Dried Rose colour elegantly cheers up any decor.

Le Creuset Rhône


A sumptuous plum-red inspired by the lush wine-making region of the Côtes du Rhône in France. The ultimate culinary companion,...

THE BEST Knife Guide Online 2024 – Cut like a pro

Guides Knives

Learn how to buy the best knife on the market, what each type of knife is used for and how...

The 2023 Round Up – The Latest & Greatest at Chef’s Complements

Blog Guides

At Chef's Complements, we welcomed many new, exciting & sought-after products from across the globe and right here in New...

The WORST Gift Ideas to Give This Year


While we proudly boast well over 25,000 items in-store with 17,000 of these online, you're sure to find the perfect...

How to Recalibrate your Digital Thermometer

Cooking Guides

Digital kitchen thermometers are essential tools for precise cooking, but they may require occasional recalibration after years of use or...

Le Creuset Flint


Introducing Flint Inspired by iron skies and glistening mineral stones. Raw, yet refined, Flint is a neutral distinction that strikes...

Le Creuset Azure Blue


Discover Azure A modern, mesmerising and more vibrant blue with longevity Azure is inspired by the azure-coloured seas of the...

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