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De Buyer

Every Recipe Holds a Secret.
For over 200 years, De Buyer’s know-how has been committed to the culinary art, professionals users and domestics, lovers of fine cuisine. Their respect for the French culinary tradition and its heritage is unsurpassed.

They design and manufacture technical, robust and reliable products made to last. Combining experience and innovation, their teams continuously work in partnership with chefs to design and test functional utensils that are perfectly adapted to the current demands.

That commitment has led them to enjoy success and recognition amongst renowned chefs, brand ambassadors and amateur cooks. They all share the same passion for cooking where ‘skilled hands and fine tools’ make all the difference.

Awarded the “Living Heritage Company” label by the French state, they continue to maintain an artisanal spirit and have a passion for precise, high-quality work carried out with care. De Buyer’s majority of products are made in its factory in Vosges, allowing the company to take full control of the production process and guarantee quality.

The performance reliability of their products constitutes a guarantee of success for the most demanding of cooks and enthusiasts alike. Discover a wide range of expert kitchen and pastry utensils, which are perfectly adapted to gourmets and gourmands, and taste the Made in France!