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Pantry & Baking Ingredients

Stock your pantry with essentials like Dutch cocoa powder through to cheese making kits.

If you own a restaurant you’ll have your wholesalers for meal ingredients/baking supplies, if you’re a home baker you’ll fill your pantry at your local supermarket. But we find that, every now and then, head chefs and family cooks alike enjoy the convenience of getting a few basics while shopping for other kitchen essentials. That’s what we’re here for.

  • Buy top-quality baking ingredients such as premium Dutch cocoa powder, pure vanilla or meringue powder with your new cake mixer.
  • Surprise someone special with a gift from our Cookware section and add finesse and flavour with a gourmet salt grinder.
  • Choose a cake tin release spray to go with your cake, muffin or novelty-shaped cake pan.
  • Buy a cheese-making kit alongside a cheese board/tools to make for an extra-special present.
  • Don’t forget baking paper to save you having to clean your new panini press.
  • Complement food storage with premium aluminium foil/parchment paper.