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Gift Wrapping

If requested we can gift wrap any item in our store for that special someone.

In the past, gift wrapping, both in-store and online, we offered as a complimentary service, but we did kindly ask for donations. We then used your kind donations to purchase groceries for the local Taupo food bank, helping those in need.

Now, we have the ability to choose online whether you would like to gift wrap items individually or as an order altogether. We now charge a small amount for this, but please note all profits from this gift-wrapping service will still be donated to our local food bank. You can follow our Facebook page, where we may post donation updates.

If you wish, please advise us when you order what occasion the gift is for & we will wrap it accordingly.

Please note: Not all items can be gift-wrapped. Extra large & bulky items may be excluded. Also, a large number of small items wrapped individually may be excluded. We appreciate your understanding.