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Blacklock is a superior cookware range that won’t date or deteriorate.

In fact, Blacklock gets better with age as the surface creates a patina that helps in food release and creates natural flavours. Owning a lifelong piece of cookware has never been so easy! Blacklock offers all the benefits of cast iron. Its durability, great heat retention and distribution, versatility and sustainable construction.

You now might be wondering… “Then what is the difference between Lodge Cast Iron Cookware and their new Blacklock range?” Well… each piece of Blacklock piece remembers an important milestone for Lodge Cast Iron (explained in the history below).

Blacklock was established in 1896 when Joseph Lodge settled in Tennessee. When the Blacklock foundry burnt down in 1910 he rebuilt it down the road with his family name, Lodge Manufacturing. Lodge Cast Iron has been around now for over 120 years! Coming out of the Lodge foundry Blacklock is going back to the company’s origins and beginnings.

The construction of how these pieces are made however differs again. Blacklock By Lodge is up to 30% lighter than the original Lodge Cast Iron. This means you can lift, carry and handle with ease. The Blacklock pans are lighter due to an innovative new variation of alloys and thinner walls, which, still provide the same great durability and heat retention and distribution you have come to know from Lodge.

Blacklock cast iron is also triple-seasoned which provides a better non-stick surface, exceptional flavour and a simplified clean-up. You can expect exceptional food released straight from the box! Lastly, Blacklock cast iron also features longer, ergonomic handles which stay cool longer and allow for a better grip and better control.

There are also variations in the appearances and shapes of Blacklock compared to Lodge Cast Iron. The skillets feature sloping sides which makes it easier to stir and provides a better cooking experience. The grill pans feature shorter sides and a greater surface area which means there is more cooking space, saving you time for larger feeds. The dutch oven features a premium stainless steel knob and deeper and wider handles, making the oven easier to carry and look more modern.

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