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Full Circle Renew Compostable Waste Bags Pack of 25


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Collect your food scraps and organic waste in your compost collector using these handy bags. Strong enough not to tear, but natural enough to break down in a proper composting environment. Using bags keeps your compost pail clean and frees up time for doing better things – like tending to your new organic garden!

When used with the Fresh Air Kitchen Compost Collector the compostable bags can “breathe”. This allows heat and moisture to escape, which reduces bacteria build-up and off-gassing, thus reducing odour.

Compostable bags are designed to degrade like the food they contain. While Full circle bags are built tough, the degradation process begins when they come into contact with organic materials such as food waste, continuing to break down with time. When disposing of a full bag, be sure to support the base to ensure the bag does not rip. Bag degradation will vary in relation to room temperature. During normal usage, you should replace your bags every 3-5 days.

Certified compostable
Fits any compost pail
When used with the Fresh Air kitchen compost collector, can reduce bacteria and odour normally associated with compost pails.


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