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Thermo Hauser Piping Bag Thermo Silver Antimicrobial (4 Sizes)

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With the “thermo piping bag” Thermo Hauser laid the foundation stone for continuous further development in the 1950s. In decades of cooperation with professionals from the field, Thermo Hauser has developed high-quality piping bags and spouts. Today, in addition to reusable cloth qualities, the large range also includes various, particularly hygienic, disposable materials and suitable accessories. Here at Chef’s Complements, we carry 4 sizes of this antimicrobial style and 6 sizes of the standard style sizes for your convenience.

Use what the professionals use, with this piping bag made by the German company Thermo Hauser. Its features a totally seamless construction for easy cleaning and has multiple polyurethane coatings making it grease proof. It is dishwasher safe and washable in boiling water. The Thermo-Silver antimicrobial technology inhibits and kills bacteria and prevents odours.


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