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Silit Passion Black 4-Piece Cookware Set


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The Silargan steel core absorbs heat quickly, conducts the heat across the base and retains it perfectly for energy-efficient cooking.

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Silit Passion – The name says it all

Silit Passion is the cookware series that inspires pure enthusiasm when cooking with the latest technology and the new design. The construction of this series provides quick and equally distributed heat that is retained for a long time. It provides excellent cooking and frying features and saves valuable energy, regardless of whether you are cooking at a low heat or frying crispy food at high temperatures.

This Silit Passion Black Set Includes:

  • 16cm Ø High Casserole x Height: 10.6 cm | 2.0L
  • 20cm Ø High Casserole x Height: 12.8 cm | 3.7L
  • 24cm Ø High Casserole x Height: 14.9 cm | 6.4L
  • 20cm Ø Low Casserole x Height: 8.4 cm | 2.4L

Everything that needs a lot of liquid for cooking fits into the high casseroles/meat pots. Since its rim is particularly high, nothing squirts out when roasting meat and it also accommodates noodles, potatoes and vegetables without any problems. The low casserole is a combination of pan and casserole. The edge is higher than that of the pan, so hardly any fat splashes out when frying. At the same time, the rim is lower than that of a casserole, so that the liquid evaporates more quickly and you can turn the meat/vegetables easily.

Silargan: The cooking experience that’s 100% true to taste

Anyone who likes to cook 100% true to taste appreciates the advantages of Silit cookware, made of indestructible, easy-care Silargan. Thanks to the ultra-smooth, non-porous sealed surface, the food retains its full taste and the natural aromas of all the ingredients are preserved. On top of all this, it’s very energy-efficient as well because the extra sturdy, drawn steel core quickly absorbs and evenly distributes the heat.

Silargan Functional Ceramic: When manufacturing a Silargan product an extra sturdy, steel core is drawn out of a single piece right up to the edge and is fused with a ceramic base coat and a surface layer applied one after the other in several firing processes to form an extremely resistant and inseparable unit. The result is a completely new and unique material: the Silargan functional ceramic from Silit.

For a natural taste: Silargan, with its extremely robust, smooth, scratchproof and non-abrasive surface, only emits heat during cooking – the taste and nutrients remain unaffected by the material and all ingredients retain their original natural flavour.

Energy-saving: The Silargan steel core absorbs heat quickly, conducts the heat across the base and retains it perfectly for energy-efficient cooking.


  • Ergonomically shaped, oven-proof, all-metal handles – Hollow handles make for easy carrying and stay cool for longer
  • Drawn-steel core with extra sturdy, energy-saving base
  • For all kinds of stovetops including induction
  • Smooth, Scratch-proof, non-abrasive & nickel-free surface
  • Transparent lids made from heat-resistant high-quality glass up to 180°C, with a stainless steel rim
  • External pouring rim for safe and clean pouring
  • Oven Safe – Heat resistant up to 250°C without the lid or 180°C with lid
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Germany
  • 30-Year guarantee on the inner and outer ceramic Silargan surface


All parts are dishwasher safe

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