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Décor Food Storage & More

Décor plasticware, glassware and complementary ranges cover your essential kitchen & cleaning needs.

When you think of Décor, food storage springs to mind: from microwave containers and glass storage through to oven-proof ceramics, soft-sided chilly bins and general plasticware, Décor offers all your basics. One simple but super-smart feature are their Match-ups®. With Décor food storage, you find the right lid every time thanks to their lid colour match system where any base of one colour matches the lid of the same colour.

Apart from food storage, Chef’s Complements also stock their brushware range, Décor drink bottles and food prep essentials such as oil spray bottles, measuring jugs and kitchen shakers.

Whether it’s in the cleaning category, clever kitchen aids or food storage, Décor have been designing their products since 1958 right next door – in Oz. From their Melbourne location, they have built a reputation for design excellence, product innovation and, most importantly, quality.  Some of their most popular products include …
Décor Microsafe®
Microsafe® Décor plasticware has been specifically designed to make your life easier with quick microwave heating and cooking. Look out for their red stain-resistant bases, safe handles and a steam-release lid vents.
An all-time favourite in food storage, Décor Thermostone® stoneware features unique airtight, leak-proof lids. This range is designed to take your meals with you to quickly reheat in the microwave. What’s more, you can use them to pop leftovers in the fridge or freezer.
Made in Australia, the Tellfresh® range comprises a range of useful shapes and sizes which are all stackable. This lets you organise your fridge, pantry or freezer and save space at the same time.
Décor Modular™
The Modular™ deserves a special mention because this Décor plasticware system consists of 8 differently sized crystal-clear containers which stack neatly side by side and/or on top of each other. Maximise every inch of shelf space!