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Own your choice - Go Eco

GoodLife are a Kiwi husband and wife team passionate about making a difference, doing their bit to help reduce waste and empower people to live a ‘GoodLife’. The brand was established in 2000 when Leanne & Mike lived rurally.

The NZ couple is very proud of their beautiful hand-picked range of GoodLife products. Each item they offer is something that has been tried, tested and put to use in their everyday life. It is their intention to make all GoodLife products stylish, practical and affordable enabling more people to start living an eco-conscious life.

The iconic NZ fantail representing ‘new direction and change’ was the perfect fit for the GoodLife brand. “Own Your Choice” is a reinforcement to remind people that actions equal outcomes and each of us has the power of choice.

Simple clean eco packaging and a minimal approach where possible is part of their goals.