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A reusable cup as sophisticated as it is sustainable.
Huskee has created an innovative, reusable coffee cup that is revolutionising the way take-away coffee and disposable cups work. For both the coffee-drinker and the café-owner, disposable paper or plastic cups are a hugely wasteful component and ultimately contributes to landfill. Reusable coffee cups can help alleviate this issue, but it’s so easy to leave it at home in the morning rush. Also let’s not forget that most reusable cups are made from plastic, themselves and do eventually need to be thrown out. HuskeeCup is here to change all of that.

The HuskeeCup is made primarily from recycled husks of beans, a by-product of coffee processing that would otherwise be discarded by growers. Thanks to a clever finned design, these husks come together to form a cup that is more chip-resistant than ceramic, and more heat-retentive than glass. The result is a durable and reliable reusable coffee cup, free from BPA or other hazardous chemicals. Huskee’s brand new way of thinking has earned accolades among championship baristas and the Specialty Coffee Association, so it is sure to change your morning routine for the better.

Sustainable, versatile & beautiful, HuskeeCups are created using waste husk leftover from the production of coffee. The HuskeeCup comes in a range of sizes, perfect for use in cafés. In fact, a key focus for the design of the HuskeeCups is how they work in a café. They need to be durable enough to take a beating in daily service as well as having the ability to stack. When paired with a lid, the HuskeeCup is your perfect vessel for on the go, or swap out your lid for a universal saucer and your HuskeeCup becomes a trendy cup for use at home. The fins offer exceptional insulation, the lid can be squeezed on with one hand and there are drain slots on the base to remove excess water after a dishwasher cycle. Plus with nothing to take apart, it’s easy to clean and super hygienic!

Why HuskeeCup?

Durable & reusable
Non-toxic (BPA-Free)
Dishwasher friendly
Universal lid & saucer
Keeps your coffee hotter for longer
Repurposes waste material (coffee husk)
Comfortable to hold
Stackable for easy storage – both cups and lids


Hill & Valley Locking System – Cup to Saucer

HuskeeCup locks neatly and securely with their sustainable Universal Saucer. They’ve designed a ‘valley’ in the base of each cup which nests into the ‘hill’ in the middle of the saucer. As a result, this makes serving coffee simple! This hill and valley system is also reminiscent of the origin of the cup in the mountains of Yunnan, China.

Lid Ventilation

Huskee’s Universal Lid features a triangulation of vents on its roof. Which increases the aromatics of your drinking experience, whilst also enabling the ideal pour rate.

Why only 2 colours?

HuskeeCup only offers two colours. Natural (no dyes, just the colour of the husk) as well as one with a charcoal pigment. Not only do these colours look great, the real reason there is only 2 colours is to help separate and recycle at the end of their life.

For Coffee Lovers
For the coffee drinker searching for the best reusable coffee cup in Australasia, HuskeeCup offers a variety of features that help it stand out from the competition. HuskeeCup is ergonomic and easy to grip, with fins that keep heat in your drink and away from your fingers. These fins also help cups dry with nothing more than a quick shake. HuskeeCup comes in standard café sizes, or in a home set complete with saucers for when you want to bring the coffee shop feel to the comfort of your dining room.

For Cafes
For added convenience for both café owners and customers, there’s HuskeeSwap. By registering as a member, customers can participate in a world-first cup replacement system. Each time they buy a coffee, they will trade in a used cup and receive their order in another, freshly cleaned HuskeeCup. This way, there’s no waiting around, no extra fiddling with lids and no stress about washing a reusable coffee cup in the office. Cafés can register to be HuskeeSwap locations, and cultivate a steady crowd of loyal HuskeeCup fans who cycle through cups for years without ever disposing of any plastics into landfill. What an environmentally friendly way to increase your customer base!

The best reusable cups in Australasia
With all of these features, HuskeeCup is set to be not only a driving force in waste reduction and improved efficiency for the Australasian café scene but something cool. These cups are gorgeous and are all over social media thanks to people snapping shots of their favourite cup while at the beach or in the office. Huskee is singlehandedly making disposable cups redundant. HuskeeCup offers unparalleled reliability and convenience, paired with an ecologically sustainable vision, to deliver a future-minded coffee vessel that eliminates waste and improves every aspect of the café experience.
Huskee is now a Certified B Corporation!
As a design company, Huskee’s vision is to design beautiful and practical products that enable the transition to a waste-free world. Whether repurposing a by-product of coffee processing, normalising reuse with HuskeeCup or driving more sustainable behaviours with our cafe focused swap system HuskeeSwap. Huskee are therefore proud to announce that they are now part of the B-Corp community. B-Corps are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. See more about Huskee being a Certified B Corporation Here.