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Mad Millie Equipment & Consumables

Dairy & Cheese Equipment

Mad Millie kits are designed to be used in any kitchen and we pride ourselves on ensuring that all specialised equipment is supplied so you can easily get started. A range of equipment is available, from a thermometer to allow you to accurately heat your milk and maintain temperature to a cheese mat to elevate your freshly molded curd and allow the whey to drain.

All equipment is food safe, easily cleaned and designed specifically for cheese making. A range of moulds is available to give some flexibility with what size you want your cheese or how many wheels you can make at once! The maturing box provides the perfect sterile environment to allow cheese to age while sitting on the cheese mat inside.

If you’re making hard cheese, the Mad Millie Cheese Press is an easily functioning piece of equipment that gives up to 20kg of pressure to your freshly made cheddar.

Beverage Equipment

Having the right equipment can make fermenting beverages an easy, repeatable process. Whether you’re unsure how much sugar to add, what temperature your brew is sitting at or concerned about increased pressure in your bottles; we’ve got you covered.