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Magic Vac

Magic Vac was established in 1966 and offered a wide range of healthcare and household products. For over 50 years, all the manufacturing, including the packaging has been produced in Italy. Magic Vac created the original vacuum sealing system.

The Magic Vac Vacuum Sealers allow you to buy and cook food in bulk and purchase less frequently, even during the shorter seasons, avoiding wasting time shopping and wasting food that has spoiled or rotten. The sealer lets you divide your food into portions to keep in the refrigerator or freezer, adding herbs or spices if desired. The non-toxic bags are food safe and BPA Free and are able to be used in the freezer, fridge, microwave for defrosting or up to 100°C in boiling water for sous-vide cooking for a maximum of 1 hour. The benefits of using the vacuum sealers is the preservation and hygienic storage of foods such as cured meats, cheese, precooked foods, rice, pasta and biscuits. Magic Vac guarantees maximum air/oxygen extraction when combining the vacuum sealers with the bags and rolls.