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“Munch is about empowering families to change the world. Every day, every way you can make a difference with Munch.  Buy a Munch product and feel good about using it.  We are making it easier for you to be more sustainable.  Be guilt-free and use a Munch product for your family.  All our products are eco-friendly in some way from being reusable, organic to biodegradable.  Everyday products making a difference. Useful, beautiful and green. All our ingredients and products are sourced from ethical communities.  And we are strong supporters of the Living wage for all. All parts of Munch are touched by mums wanting to contribute to a sustainable idea. We have a strong Home workforce of over 40 women.  We bring work to these women to enable them to not only to obtain an income but be part of a company with a purpose.  Our mums are changing the world. Help us to educate the world by buying from us, fundraise with us, advocate with us and make a difference. It is up to us to show the way. Let’s be the ones to raise the next generation of eco-warriors.”

Anna Bordignon xx

Founder – founded in 2014