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bamix Mono Immersion Blender (3 Colours)


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The bamix Mono immersion blender includes an aerating, blending & chopping blade, a beaker and a wall bracket. bamix – Buy once, buy well…

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This original bamix is also known as the “Magic Wand”.

It is ideal for daily kitchen chores no matter how small. bamix® is easy to use because its grip is specifically designed to fit the hand and the ergonomics of the handle ensure your hand is in the ideal position to easily control the switch. It is easy to use even for smaller hands and is suitable for left-handed use.

bamix® advantages:

  • Versatility – The versatility of bamix® knows no limits. It can be used in a small and fragile glass as well as in a large and hot pan on the stove. Thanks to its double-insulated watertight housing, it can be immersed right up to the handle.
  • Handiness – It’s unmistakable and anatomically optimised design makes the bamix® very easy to handle and to operate with the tip of your finger. The attachments can be easily interchanged.
  • Cleaning – It is so simple to clean the bamix® – just hold it under hot running water. That’s all! No doubt this is one of the biggest advantages of bamix®.
  • Quality – The first-class Swiss quality makes bamix® a problem-free and long-lasting aid in your kitchen.

The bamix Mono immersion blender includes an aerating, blending & chopping blade, a beaker, and a wall bracket. bamix

Included in the box

  • Multi-purpose blade (C)
  • Whisk/Blender blade (B)
  • Beater blade (A)
  • Beaker
  • Wall bracket


  • Simple to use, two-button operation
  • Includes Multi-purpose blade (C)
  • 140W heavy-duty AC motor
  • Double insulation
  • Soft-grip safety switch
  • Twin switch
  • 2-speed settings (depending on the wattage):
    Setting 1: 10,000 rpm
    Setting 2: 15000 rpm
  • 20-year motor guarantee, 1-year parts guarantee
  • Made in Switzerland

20 year guarantee logo bamix

Buy Once, Buy Well.

The bamix® was developed in Switzerland in 1954 and is still manufactured today in the bamix® factory in Metlen, Switzerland. There have been over 15 million units sold in 5 continents. Swiss quality and stringent manufacturing are responsible for its reputation for outstanding service in kitchens all over the world. This original bamix is also known as the “Magic Wand”.


Black, Red, White


Clean your bamix® immediately after use to prevent food residues caking onto the drive shaft. For more thorough cleaning, hold the bamix® in a bowl of warm water containing a few drops of detergent and switch it on for just a few seconds.

After Use
Always remove the attachments (blade, beater or whisk) from the drive shaft after use.


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