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Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner 369g Bottle


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In 1882, an Indianapolis chemist noticed how clean and shiny his tarnished pot was after cooking rhubarb. Using an active ingredient that’s found in the plant he formulated a talcum-smooth cleanser and sold it to the city’s taverns. So pleased were his customers with how well it worked on bar fixtures, the product was dubbed the “Bar Keepers Friend”

Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner is formulated to remove tenacious cooked-on residues from glass surfaces. Use it to quickly clean smooth glass or ceramic surfaces, such as your glass cooktop, and your glass and ceramic cookware. In addition, you can use BKF Cooktop cleaner to buff out the utensil marks that accumulate on serving plates.

Read our Guide to Bar Keepers Friend Blog to see how to use this amazing product, where you can use it and the results.

How to use Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner

  1. Shake well before applying.
  2. Squeeze BKF Cooktop Cleaner onto a wet surface or damp sponge.
  3. Rub soiled surfaces gently.
  4. Rinse thoroughly within a minute of application.
  5. Wipe surface dry.

Where to use your Cooktop Cleaner

In the Kitchen:

  • Glass or ceramic cooktop
  • Glass or ceramic cookware
  • Ceramic dinner and servingware
  • Metal cookware and servingware


Where NOT to use Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner

  • Gold or Silver (sterling silver is ok)
  • Polished stone, such as marble or granite (There is a granite & stone cleanser polish specifically for this now!)
  • Lacquered, painted, or mirrored surfaces.


A Word of Caution about Bar Keepers Friend (BKF)

Because BKF Cooktop Cleaner is acidic and contains polishing compounds, BKF may etch or dull delicate surfaces. Before applying to any unlisted surface, test in a small, hidden area first.  Always rinse food-contact surfaces thoroughly.

BKF Cooktop Cleaner Ingredients

The ingredients in Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner are water, micro-abrasive particles, surfactant, citric acid, and citrus fragrance.

Product Warning


If accidentally ingested, drink milk (or water) and call a doctor. If in eyes, flush eyes with water for 15 minutes. Do not mix with other chemicals, such as bleach, or ammonia. For prolonged use (or sensitive skin) use gloves. Do not inhale BKF dust. Wet BKF powder immediately after dispensing. BKF is safe for septic systems.

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