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Daudignac My Quick Tartlet Set



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This kit allows you to quickly produce professional-quality tarts quickly and easily. With it you can make sweet or savoury tarts, quiches, pizzas, financiers (small cakes), nougat shells or chocolate tart shells. The My Quick Tartlet Set by Daudignac makes 15 mini tarts (50mm Diameter x 15mm Height).

  • Heat resistant to 210°C
  • Non-stick for quick release
  • Durable silicone mould
  • Dishwasher Safe for easy cleaning



  • 1 Silicone mould
  • 2 Metal support trays
  • 6 Icing Bags
  • 5 Nozzles
  • 1 Thread
  • 1 Bonus Rolling Pin
  • 1 Recipe Booklet



  1. Roll out your dough to approximately 2mm thick, applying flour to both sides.
  2. Fit the silicone mould over one of the metal support trays then lay the dough over the silicone mould.
  3. Using the second metal support tray, ease it on top of the dough to mould the dough into shape.
  4. Remove the top metal tray.
  5. Now using a rolling pin, gently roll over the dough using the sharp edges of the silicone to cut each mould. (Ensure you still have the metal support tray underneath)
  6. Slowly remove the excess dough from the edges of the moulds.
  7. Now carefully push the second metal tray back on top of the dough into the moulds and let cool for 20-30 minutes
  8. Now turn the mould (with both metal trays attached) upside down and bake in a pre-heated oven for 15 minutes at 180°C. This step keeps the shells flat and helps to distribute even heat while cooking which gives a crunchier texture
  9. Allow to cool then garnish, fill the tars as you wish.

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