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Edge Master Ultimate Whetstone Sharpening Kit – 6 Piece Set


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The ultimate set with everything you’ll need to transform your knife from blunt to sharp! Includes Coarse 400 Grit, Medium 1000 Grit, Fine 3000 Grit & Extra fine 8000 Grit

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The ultimate set with everything you’ll need to transform your knife from blunt to sharp!

Included in this set

  • 1x Carry case with sharpening station and water bath
  • 1x Corundum Whetstone 400/1000 Grit
  • 1x Corundum Whetstone 300/8000 Grit
  • 1x Large knife sharpening angle guide
  • 1x Small knife sharpening angle guide
  • 1x Diamond stone flattener

Whetstone dimensions: 21 x 7 x 2.8cm

Stone Grits & Use Choose one of the available grits, depending on the condition of your knife

  • Coarse 400 Grit: Used to repair badly damaged or extremely blunt knives or tools
  • Medium 1000 Grit: This is the main sharpening grit and is used to re-sharpen and remove burrs
  • Fine 3000 Grit: Used for fine sharpening and removal of burrs – smoothens the knife-edge
  • Extra fine 8000 Grit: Used for polishing the knife-edge, can remove most burrs

Use Instructions

  1. Submerge the whetstone in water for approximately 5 minutes or until bubbles have stopped. This process must always be repeated before sharpening.
  2. Place the whetstone on the non-slip stone station base. Before commencing with the sharpening process, use the flattening stone provided to ensure the whetstone is completely flat – this is very important! Always ensure to keep the stone wet while sharpening and do not remove the powder build-up as this helps sharpen the knife.
  3. Using the guide rails included, move the blade using a back and forth motion on a 15°-30° angle, ensuring to keep even pressure on the blade.
  4. Once a burr is reached on the edge of the entire blade, change sides and repeat the process 4/5 times each side until the burr is completely removed and the blade is razor-sharp.
  5. After use, clean the surface of the whetstone and leave it to dry before storing it in the stone station.

Do not use the whetstone to sharpen serrated blades or scissors.

To avoid knife damage, sharpen by employing light pressure.

Use the entire surface of the stone so as to maintain evenness during sharpening

Avoid letting the whetstone fall or other similar impacts. Being associated to the use of knives, keep the whetstone out of the reach of children.


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