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Rub-it Ginger & Garlic Grater (6 Colours)


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No peeling required. Simply cut off the ends and rub it on the rub-it for pure extract, free from damage and with optimal flavour. Side one for garlic, side two for ginger. No sharp edges. Easy, no fuss wipe clean, dishwasher safe. A hanging hole is a “2 portion” measure for spaghetti.

Processing of garlic
1 Do not peel the garlic clove – just cut the top off it. The Skin peels off automatically while grating!
2 Hold the clove at the “root” end and rub it over the protrusions of the rub it. The result is a fine and even mash
3 The grated garlic can easily be removed from the rub it and thus can directly be used in many different delicious dishes, soups, vinaigrettes etc.

Processing of ginger
1 Don’t peel the root – just scrape it with the back of a knife or with a spoon.
2 Rub it over the protrusions of the rub it and turn it from time to time. The flesh separates almost completely from the fibres.
3 The fibres remain as a “brush” on the root. The ginger substance is very fine.

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