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Wool Hero Eco-Thermo Wine Bottle Guard


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Say goodbye to synthetic and hello to natural. Every Wine needs a Hero.

Protect & shield your bottle from the elements… naturally

Wool hero is an eco-friendly bottle carrier that protects your wine, and mother earth. These wine guards are handmade in New Zealand from eco-friendly materials. Recycled, reusable, and 100% eco-friendly, Wool Hero is the naturally better choice for your precious wine and our environment. Inspired by nature and crafted into shape by us, wool hero is the trusty sidekick you can rely on to take your wine on any adventure. Protect your bottles from knocks while travelling, and help make sure the temperature of the wine remains steady en route. Wool hero provides natural protection from the elements, wherever you’re headed.

A must-have for lovers of the red or white, Wool Hero’s are reusable again and again and safely carry bottles of all shapes and sizes – white wine, rosé, red wine, and bubbles. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Made from the finest:

  • 100% recycled New Zealand sheep wool
  • Durable jute handle
  • Natural leather tag


Wool hero snugly carries 750ml wine bottles of all shapes and sizes – white wine, red wine, rosé and sparkling. Measures 36.5cm long x 17cm wide. (not including handle)


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